Monday, November 24, 2008

Graduation Day!

On Friday Parker officially graduated from his Early Years Centre toddler playgroup! Hooray! Here are some photos of him partaking in some playgrouping.

Hanging out, trying to be cool.

Some self-portraits while we sat around for circle time. People give you funny looks when you take photos of yourselves.

Parker looks ecstatic!

Watching Lisa, the instructor, hand out diplomas!

This was probably Parker's favourite toy at the Early Years Centre. It was a little house with a door, mailbox, and garden. He has a mild obsession with the mail, so he loved putting it in the mailbox and closing the door, then getting it and putting it back in. He also really liked it when he would go in the house and shut the front door behind him, and then I'd knock on the door and ask if Parker was home.

Testing out the workmanship of the front door. Yup, good sturdy plastic.

Sometimes instead of mail, I'd put a dinosaur in the mailbox. Then when he'd go to get it, I'd burst open the door by pushing the dinosaur from behind and go, "ROAAARR!!!" He thought it was the awesomest thing ever.


They also had one of those balls that you drop shapes into and he really likes it. My mom still has ours from when we were little and Parker plays with it when we visit Dresden!
Diploma for Parker! Hooray!
(it's actually just a blank piece of paper for show, which is a really good idea because he promptly crushed it and tried to eat it)


Claire said...

Cool little people house! What happens now that Parker graduated? College?

Garrett Elliott said...

He has to get a job and start to pay da billzzz!!!11

Francine said...

Hi Garrett,

Parker is a sweetheart!! I just want to smoosh him and I can guarantee Penelope would love to give him lots of kisses!
I have a question...
How do I darken the edges of my photos using photoshop? I can't figure it out. ARG!
What editing program do you use/prefer?


(PS)Have you seen my blog? I did a shoot last Sunday :)