Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strongest Little Boy In The World?

Check out Parker, flexing his muscles.  Big heavy boots?  NO PROBLEM.

And here he is making more silly faces in he mirror.  


Claire said...

Parker is such a little clown!!! He makes me laugh...hee,hee!

Garrett Elliott said...

Yeah, he's so funny! Must get it from his mom! :)

ncoles said...

I love those pics!! Your posts always make me smile, too cute :)

urquharj said...

I haven't been on your blog in a while, and saw a post you had made on WB and thought, "Hey I have a some time, I wonder how gelliot has posted new pics of parker?!" Just looked thru the last three months! I honestly think that Parker is one of the Cutest. Kids. Ever. Seriously, and I have kids!! :-)

Thanks again for sharing your photos and humor with the world. I enjoy them immensely!


Garrett Elliott said...

Thanks Jane! Glad you like Parker's crazy adventures! Although they're not all THAT crazy - they mostly involve CostCo, the grocery store, and cheese. :)